About 101 Books

There’s an interesting feature on the Goodreads site – the yearly challenge. You set a goal for the number of books you’ll read during the year and it tracks your progress.

Back in 2013 I did my own version -- I decided I was going to spend a year reading books somehow related to Japan. It could be Japanese written or foreign written -- or in the case of books about MacArthur only partially about Japan.

I decided that if I’m stuck in faraway Canada books are one of the few ways to get just a taste of the culture I miss so much.

What's been most interesting, for me, is the fact I am now on Year 4 -- and there are still so many books to be read. I am well past the 101 books in the title of this blog -- and I can't imagine slowing down any time soon.

So I will use this site to offer up my super short reviews -- mostly a quick impression and a hint of what the book is about. After all, it's for the reader to decide on their own if they love or hate a book - and why!

And a small warning - many of these books are older. Not many hot off the presses reviews here. 

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