Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ekiben: The Art of the Japanese Box Lunch by Gideon Bosker, Mamoru Watanabe, Junichi Kamekura

WARNING. AVOID IF HUNGRY. I was lucky enough to come across Ekiben: The Art of the Japanese Box Lunch in a used bookstore back in 2013. It was in the window and it drew me in. Though the style and design looks brand new it was published in 1989. 

My wife assures me - between exclamations that we need to eat one of the ekiben - that despite the years the ekiben remain the same. It’s one of the great things about Japan – no matter how much change rolls on, some key things always stay the same.

The book is a pictorial look at the railway lunch or bento boxes one can pick up at train stations across Japan. It's fast food. But it's gourmet food too. Try not to eat the pages.

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