Thursday, May 25, 2017

Orbital Cloud by Taiyo Fujii

Orbital Cloud offers up a vision of a near future that runs the risk of being bleak (the vision - not the story).

Set just a few years in the future it's not your typical wild end of the world read. Instead it offers up a believable tale of spy shenanigans, terrorism, and technology teaming up to take control of the edge of space - low earth orbit. 

What's most likeable about this is almost everything is believable. With stories of economic terrorism and spying led by North Korea, and the rest of the world trying to sort out how to co-operate to deal with the situation.

It seems like it could happen tomorrow. It manages to accomplish this because instead of being a journey to the stars story it stays firmly in earth orbit - even though it's set in space.

It's a compelling read. I hope it stays science fiction!

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